👋 Community Update: Dailynista phase is coming along!

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited July 2022 in Announcements

Hello friends!

The community page has been open to Dailynistas for nearly two weeks and it’s so rad to see everyone starting to participate.  

Here are some quick stats to show you how we’re coming along…

Note: You may notice a few accounts in the forum with unfamiliar usernames - there are 8 of them out there. We are using these accounts to provide examples of what kind of content and interactions we’d like to see more of in the forum. We will stop using these accounts once the Dailynista phase is over.  

Looking ahead: Whether you are in a community work group or not, we want your posts! If you have something interesting to say or ask, do it! This is our time to experiment and have fun! 🤸

I’ll see you in the forum!