What is the meaning of "replacing previously-specified room url"?


When I leave a call and join another, I get these warnings:

replacing previously-specified room url
replacing previously-specified meeting token

I join the room successfully, the other party can see and hear me, however, on my side, there are no remote participants and looks like there is no one besides me on the call.

I can't find info about the meaning of these warnings except this thread from an year ago:

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • Dom
    Dom Dailynista
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    Hello @aleksandraHL

    These warnings are logged when a room URL and meeting token are passed to both the factory method, and as part of the join() method. If you are passing the same values each time, you should be able to ignore these warnings. If you're passing in a room URL and meeting token to the factory method, and then something different when joining. That would explain what these logs are showing.
    If you're not passing in a room URL and meeting token into both methods, then we definitely want to investigate further. If so, do you happen to have a session ID associated with these warnings, and a method of reproducing them?

    I have a feeling that as at least somebody on the call is able to see you, the issue you're facing is unrelated to the warnings. Instead, it may be to do with how you're reusing the call object when you left / join, and maybe events aren't firing when you join a second call.

    If you'd like, you can email us at help@daily.co and we can investigate the issue there!