Wristcam SDK?

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
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Saw this announcement from Apple:

Wristcam Now Allows Apple Watches Without Cameras to Video Call With iPhones

I have several questions:

"Has anyone worked with the Wristcam SDK?" Is one of them.

Another is:

Which is harder? Calling into a meeting while sky diving, ziplining, surfing, or on an international heist? See at 00:53.

Your thoughts?


  • karl
    karl Member, Daily Alumni

    The guy screaming in the image on the left is a pure mood 😄

    But having tried to even have a voice chat on my Apple Watch, I can say that the awkward arm position shown in that collage is the real hang-up with this mode of communicating. But I can imagine real promise for the Wristcam SDK for joining a video call while wearing a pair of bluetooth earbuds connected to the watch.

  • I call shenanigans on the person calling while surfing. When I was in LA I could never get decent cell reception by the beach. Maybe he's using that new satellite feature???

  • nina
    nina Community Manager, Moderator, Dailynista admin

    It’ll be neat to see what use case feels right. My first thought went to influencers, interactive live streaming, calling people up on stage during live events… I know there’s lots of other hardware that could drive that, but Apple Watches are everywhere so pretty cool if this helps inspire stuff. 

  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Funnily enough, I have an Apple Watch that I bought solely so that I'm not out of touch for PagerDuty alerts while I'm surfing.

    Here in San Francisco we have excellent cell coverage along the coast. The only problem is that water and water droplets on the watch face make the touch screen impossible to use while actually in (or floating on) the water. I'm curious how this is addressed in the UX for all the new diving software Apple is including in the Apple Watch Ultra.

    Tasha, I hadn't seen Wristcam. That's pretty neat.

    We've helped a few customers build CallKit support for WebRTC calls. CallKit is tricky to implement, but it feels quite magic to have iOS and watchOS devices handle a WebRTC call using the familiar system phone call interface.

    In the past, enabling CallKit for an app required applying for a special approval to enable "VoIP" for the app. I just did a little bit of Googling and it looks like maybe this is automatic now and special approval isn't required anymore.

    Have any iOS developers here used CallKit lately? What's the experience like, these days?