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  • marco
    marco Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Hi there — my name is Marco. I'm part of the Success and Developer Support teams at Daily.

    I'm excited to see what cool and innovative products developers are building with WebRTC.

    Favorite food: 🥭

  • Hiya! Brian here, part of the Daily team. I work on cloud infrastructure, which means helping to make Daily scale and making it as easy as possible to operate for our team.

    I still consider myself a WebRTC newbie, and one thing that always intrigues me is the historical reasoning for all of those tiny idiosyncrasies in specifications like WebRTC that evolve over time. Perhaps we should call them videosyncrasies? 🥁 They often tell an interesting story, and I'm here for it!

    I have favorite foods in two categories: in the savory category, I'm a fan of barbecue. Any type. And I love the regional variations on the cooking style that can be found in various places. In the sweet category, it's dark chocolate.

    I live and work in Orlando, Florida. Since I can't stop thinking about food, I'll say that Orlando does not have a distinct local or regional cuisine. We're a melting pot of flavors, and one of the best aspects of this part of the world is sampling food that originates from everywhere else!

  • filipi
    filipi Dailynista
    edited September 2022

    Hi everyone! I am Filipi, part of the Daily team. 

    I've worked with real-time communications for couple of years. I am currently working on Daily more on the client side APIs, react native, Android and javascript. However, I'm happy to chat about any topic.

    I live in Florianopolis, Brazil.

  • jayne
    jayne Member, Daily Alumni admin

    Hi!!! I'm Jayne, the manager of the lovely DevRel team at Daily :) You can sometimes find me on the Daily Twitch stream talking about Daily and Daily-related topics. sometimes live coding stuff.

    I'm really interested in learning about how we can make it even easier for developers to make video applications, but also about any improvements in WebRTC.

    I live in The Netherlands in a town close to Amsterdam. My favorite food has got to be very cheesy chimichangas, even though I don't allow myself to eat them that much.

  • Hi, I'm Tom and I am pretty new to the videosphere, although I have been lurking for a while. So happy I just discovered this community platform after watching the recent Daily Prebuilt video. My main focus is wine tourism and I'm looking at exploring what we can do with Daily - on a daily basis😃. - I guess I'll be posting a number of truly beginners' questions, so forgive me until my questions become truly pro and dev.

    My favourite food is all things India. I regularly cook a lot of dal variations with lots of inspiration from my trips to southern India..

    I'm based close to Barcelona but frequently travel.

  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Hi @DevSpain and welcome!

    A website that features wine and video? What an excellent pairing!

  • Hello community I'm called Hicham and I have a very very interesting question to ask you lol.

    Can we customize the video chat calls to see the participants in small mosaics over a video that is streamed ?


  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Hi Hicham. Yes, you can definitely customize the video views using Daily's client SDKs. A good, in-depth, example of a custom layout where video tracks appear anywhere on screen is our spatial world tutorial: https://www.daily.co/blog/introducing-dailys-new-spatialization-demo-part-1/

    To do what you're describing, you could stream from one participant and display that video as a large <video> element, then position the other videos on top of that.

  • Hi Everyone, I'm Michael from ExactlyLabs. I've used Daily to build BloomText (A fully custom communication app with video support which is built using Daily) as well as a number of other WebRTC applications in the past such as an app to control pan-tilt-zoom cameras users could "drop in" on. Before using Daily, I went pretty deep on other frameworks out there both open source and proprietary while working on a few different y-combinator funded startups before settling on Daily for all my WebRTC work.

    My background is mostly healthcare / HIPAA use cases when it comes to video but curious what everyone else is working on + building!

  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
    edited February 2023

    Welcome, @michael !

    Thanks for the great intro - I look forward to seeing you on peerConnection.