Changelog #027 - 2022-07-07

cody Member, Daily Alumni admin
edited November 2022 in Tech Updates

Hi all! This is a test post of our changelog on the Daily Community. Expect more product updates to be available here and if you think something is missing, check out our feature requests.

daily-js 0.28.0

  • Avoid camera "blips" by only updating video or audio with setInputDevicesAsync(). You can now pass null as a device ID if you only want to update your microphone or camera and not affect the other device.

await call.setInputDevicesAsync({
  videoSource: yourMediaStream.getVideoTracks()[0],
  audioSource: null,

  • Out with the old and in with the async! setOutputDevice() is now deprecated. setOutputDeviceAsync() can (and should) be used in its place starting with this release.

await call.setOutputDeviceAsync({
  outputDeviceId: 'output-device-id',

Daily Prebuilt


  • Configure default chat settings at the domain level through the dashboard.
  • Enable chat for HIPAA-enabled domains through the dashboard. (And, yes, Daily Prebuilt chat is HIPAA-compliant. 🤗)