Is there anywhere I can find any information about errors?

I am running a python app using the python client. I am hosting a http client. When someone makes a request, I create a room and a call client, the call client joins the room and I return the url of the room. I put a background process on a queue that waits for a participant to join and pipes their audio my app and another process that waits for that participant to leave and cleans up by having the client leave the room, releasing the client and deleting the room.

When the participant leaves the room I get the following error: {"message":"no subscription for consumer: ConsumerId("a18962af-7f1e-4d1d-8a1f-60f83470f05a")"}

that id is not the id of the participant who has joined or the id of the call client, so I am at a loss. Also if I set up a an audio renderer for the client and participant, when the participant leaves, the app crashes with the same error, and then "fatal runtime error: Rust cannot catch foreign exceptions"