Any way to hide "Waiting for others to join" message? (Prebuilt)


Is there a way to hide the "Waiting for others to join" heading in the prebuilt UI? I'm using Daily mostly or entirely for video recording, not multiparty conferencing. Most of the time, no other participants will ever join the room. The user doesn't need to be warned that they're alone.

On a lark, I tried setting the room's maximum participants to 1. The heading still appears even though no one else can join.

Assuming it's not directly configurable, is there a meeting token setting which doesn't show it, like if the token is_owner is true? Creative workarounds are welcome.

If the message can't be hidden in the prebulit UI, can it at least be hidden with a custom UI?

Thank you.



  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Thanks for the description! This level of customization isn't available for Daily Prebuilt yet, but we can consider how to make this work with an approach of hiding the message when max_participants is set to 1.

  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    @t73 we've made a change to Prebuilt which will ship in our next release. When max_participants are set to 1 as a room property, the Waiting for others… message will not be displayed. Hope this helps!