How to use updateReceiveSettings for custom video tracks?

svm_agilis Member

the method updateReceiveSettings is working for participant video track. But when I use the method to update receive settings for custom video tracks, it is not working. I have used the method with the key "[customVideoTrackName]" also with the key "custom". But none of them seems to work. Also the key "video" doesn't seems to work for custom video tracks. Is there any other way?

callObject?.updateReceiveSettings({ [streamingParticipantId]: { video: { layer: 1 }, streamVideoTrack: { layer: 1 }, custom: { layer: 1 } } });


  • though updateReceiveSettings were not working. updateSendSettings working fine with the key [customTrackName].

    await callObject?.updateSendSettings({ streamVideoTrack: { maxQuality: 'low' } });