Is there any way I can get the recording in the form of .mp3

tamilzh Member

I am currently in the process of developing an audio-only application and have encountered a specific requirement pertaining to recording sessions and playback functionalities. To fulfill this requirement, I have integrated cloud recording capabilities and configured a custom Amazon S3 bucket to store all recorded content.

However, upon attempting to access the recorded content, I've noticed that the links consistently provide files in the .mp4 format. Given that my application exclusively deals with audio content, I am inquiring whether it is possible to configure the recording settings to generate files in the .mp3 format instead.

Furthermore, during the development phase, I have observed an abundance of debug logs being generated in the console. To ensure optimal performance for the production environment, it is imperative to streamline these logs. Could you kindly provide guidance on how to suppress or minimize these debug logs effectively?

Any assistance or insights you could offer to enhance the performance of the application for production purposes would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter