What do you use to automate Daily app tests?

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What do you use to test your Daily app? What framework and setup do you use? Does it work for you? What issues have you had with your tests?


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  • vipyne
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    This blog post might be a good starting point.

    Currently, we use Jest with a custom environment that spins up headless chromedrivers controlled by selenium,specifically, selenium-webdriver. I imagine Puppeteer would work well too.

    Working with a well established, off the shelf test driver (Jest) is great, especial WRT standardized output. Setting up a custom environment allows for the flexibility to test multiple webdriver instances talking to each other (aka joining a Daily call).

    As with all E2E tests, they occasionally can be flaky. These tests touch The Internet and can be affected by network weather, as well as chromedriver (webdrivers in general) can be a little difficult to work with because they do a lot- as in, everything a browser does 😂 😭. But they are also super powerful and you can do a lot of reflection and introspection with them.