Forward call participants after exiting the call in an iframe embedd

andreas Member

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new here and setting up an embedded call integration, where I want the users to be forwarded to a form after the call. How can I get this to work in an iframe? As currently it only works on the URL.



  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Hi @andreas!

    Since you're running Daily Prebuilt embedded into your application, you have control over where your users goes after a call ends. When a call ends, you can listen for the left-meeting event (docs), which fires when the local participant leaves the call. When that happens, you can redirect the user to any page in your application.

    Note: the redirect_on_meeting_exit property is intended only for use when using a Daily Prebuilt call that is not embedded into a page.

    Hope this helps get you started!