Multiple video feeds with a single audio feed + livestream

JP123 Member

Is this possible and what is the best way to accomplish it?

  • Create a Daily room with video only, no audio. Participants join each with their own webcam.
  • Create a livestream broadcast using the video feeds from the Daily room and a single, separate audio stream

I see in the Python SDK we can use the raw_audio_send example to send audio to the room, but I only want to send audio to the livestream, not the room itself.


  • aconchillo
    aconchillo Dailynista

    Hi @JP123 . Sorry for the delay. Quick question on this one: where does the audio stream source come from? Is it the audio from the participants in the room or is it something else? I'm understanding that it's something else, but I'd be great if you could clarify. Thanks!