when leave meeting using python SDK, when will thread be removed?

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Hi, there

I am developing real-time meeting logic using Python SDK.

We set up a virtual user to connect on the server and configured logic to end the meeting if there is one participant. I referred to the github below.


Virtual users can access and send and receive data in the background. There's a problem here.
1. When CallClient.leave(), dummy_thread remains
2. If you leave the meeting room after the first request and enter the new meeting room with the second request, only one input among virtual camera/mic is updated.

I learned this while debugging, and the virtual input is also checked as playable, but only one is being output on the screen. (Set to enter cam/mic simultaneously)

Is there anything I can check here? It's hard to attach the code in relation to it, so I'll upload some debugging pictures and logs.

Printed an error that said worker could not be found and the thread automatically shut down, and I was wondering if this has anything to do with CallClient.

If you need anything else in the question, please let me know.




  • aconchillo
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    Thank you Dominic. We have recently found the dummy thread issue and we are currently investigating it.

    What version of daily-python are you using?

  • Daily 0.6.0 version!


  • Dominic
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    Oh, I made a mistake. It's 0.5.4 version. and python 3.9 version

  • aconchillo
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    Hi @Dominic. I just wanted to let you know that we reproduced the dangling threads issue and we are working on a fix that should be released very soon in the next daily-python release. We have also recently made some stability fixes that together with the upcoming fix should get rid of the other errors you were experiencing.

    I'll update this thread once we release the new version. Thank you for your patience!