Can I get transcription messages in any language I want or only in English?

I see there is a real time transcription feature from Daily. I can see there is an option to set language of submitted audio. But do I get transcription messages only in English, or is there a way that I can set in which language I should get the transcription messages ?



  • rajneesh
    rajneesh Dailynista

    Transcriptions are supported i many languages.

    you can pass language parameter while starting the Transcription.

  • Hi @rajneesh
    Thanks for your information. From documents I found that "language" parameter is used to specify primary language of the spoken audio. But my question is regrading to which language can we convert spoken audio into words. Can we convert audio to text written in any specific language of user's choice?

  • rajneesh
    rajneesh Dailynista

    Do you mean translation. e.g. user speaking in German and you want to get the text back in (say) english ?

    Translation is not supported :(

  • Okay. That means I can get transcription text in the spoken language. Am I correct?
    e.g-1: spoken in English converts to words in English.

    e.g-2: spoken in German coverts to words in German.

  • rajneesh
    rajneesh Dailynista


    `language` parameter controls that.

  • Thanks @rajneesh 🙏