useAudioLevel CPU optimization priority

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Hi I found this thread looking for some info on the CPU usage of the useAudioLevel hook because I noticed it had quite an impact on my app, especially on mobile devices.

Christian mentioned that "It will eventually be replaced or migrated by a hook that incorporates the audio level observers, but it's currently not high on the priority list."

I was wondering if there is any indication of when it would be picked up.

I will probably refactor to use startRemoteParticipantsAudioLevelObserver and startLocalAudioLevelObserver

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  • christian
    christian Dailynista
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    Hey @oponder,

    technically the new useAudioLevelObserver hook will mostly be an abstraction around this code:

      useCallback((ev) ⇒ {
        if (sessionId in ev.participantsAudioLevel) {
          // onVolumeChange prop similar to as in useAudioLevel
      }, [onVolumeChange, sessionId])

    You can totally build this yourself already as all required bits and pieces are available. The hook will just reduce your own code a bit and remove some complexity around local vs. remote audio levels.

    Hope this points you into the right direction!


  • Thanks, this was very helpful and I implemented it already. Seems to be working smoothly 👍🙌