Extremely low volume audio over mobile when using prebuilt/JS.

Hi and thanks for reading. Appologies if there's already a thread on this as I couldn't discover it with search.

We have Daily integrated into a Bubble.io app using the Daily plugin (which I assume is Daily prebuilt/ JS). We are able to make calls and connect users properly over PC. However when we attempt the same over mobile (so far only Android) it sounds as if our mics aren't working, even though they test fine. The audio is there, it's just incredibly low and no setting, volume increase, or hardware selection seems to correct it.

Any direction on where to search for issues would be great. Thanks!!


  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Can you test between an Android and a PC to see whether the issue is with the mic (input) or speaker (output)?

    I don't remember hearing any reports of mic issues on Android. Speaker output can sometimes be an issue on mobile because the OS tries to manage the speaker to be in the right mode (earpeice or speaker) and sometimes gets that wrong.

  • Thanks. Just tested Motorola to Samsung and iPhone X to Samsung and both worked perfectly.

    PC to Samsung was an issue with only super loud taps on the mic going through (almost like noise cancelation issue. )

    Also Samsung S10 to Samsung A52 had issue. Sounded like it might have been using earpiece instead of speakerphone but unsure. I agree this starting to sound like a hardware specific selecting issue.

    I'll keep checking to see if I can isolate issue. Thanks again.

  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Let us know if you find a pattern. We do try to test on a lot of devices and sometimes can change things in the device selection code or in Daily Prebuilt to work around issues.

  • vr000m
    vr000m Dailynista

    On some phones the volume output is different for media versus speaker, curious if changing one or the other makes an impact in this case?

  • I was just able to do a couple of other tests with a person on a Macbook. I am on a Samsung s10. I was able to hear them, but it was as incredibly low volume, as if through the earpiece with volume at max. They could hear me fine. I connected Bluetooth headphones and started the call again. This time I could hear them perfectly, but NOT through the headphones. When I used the app settings to change the audio option there were about three choices (cant recall exact names). I switched to Speakerphone and the audio immediately dropped in volume and the other options went away leaving only "Speakerphone(default)".

    TLDR; Basically as previously suggested I think this is a hardware specific issue of either Samsung or Android not properly switching audio devices. Thanks for any guidance.