Talk to Santa Cat — the first AI-powered Santa (and definitely first AI Santa Cat 😸 )

nina Community Manager, Moderator, Dailynista admin
edited December 2023 in Announcements

Our Daily team released a fun holiday project — Talk to Santa Cat. Santa Cat is a kid-friendly, AI-powered virtual character who is designed to have Christmas-themed conversations with people of all ages, especially kids.

It’s a proof of concept for our talk-to-LLM capabilities, where we explored optimizations like VAD, barge-in, and interruptions.

  • Download it here, to talk live with Santa Cat 🛷 ☃️
  • Santa Cat is further development of our Story Bot demo. You can check out that repo here — heads up: we’ll be sharing more code with the Santa Cat improvements (like interruptions)
  • And here’s our original deep dive, How To Talk to an LLM, which is a good intro to building voice-driven AI feature

Happy holidays, wherever and however you’re enjoying the season! We wish you the best.