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I've just started getting this from an app that has worked well for the last few days. Now my voice-transcription-powered app is broken.

This is very time sensitive for me, as this piece is being exhibited at a film festival where it is powering an installation that is only available to visitors for a few days. Any help debugging would be massively appreciated.

These are the parameters I was passing:

    "language": "en",
    "model": "2-ea",
    "tier": "nova",
    "profanity_filter": False,
    "redact": False,

After I removed all these parameters it seems to work again, but I'm not sure how to get the model back. Maybe Deepgram changed something since Nova-2 is in beta?

Example session ID: 9f6cccd9-084b-423c-81e6-10b9ad3ac23b


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    mark_at_daily Dailynista admin

    @kcimc we're looking into this. We'll get back to you on what we find.

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    mark_at_daily Dailynista admin

    @kcimc we observed a short blip as well, where this error was being emitted. We're looking into the root cause for this. We now see transcriptions working once again. Are you still seeing this issue?

  • i switched “model” from “2-ea” to “2-general” and it seems to be working now

    it may be a coincidence, and i haven’t been able to find any indication from deepgram that “2-ea” was deprecated. if this is the explanation it will help me build confidence that this won’t pop up again.

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    @kcimc we discovered the issue. We had a short blip during a deployment due to an order of operations bug. We will fix this in our deployment process to avoid the issue in the future. Apologies about the disruption!