Deepgram transcription integration: possibility of better "full sentence" understanding?

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I am leveraging's integration with deepgram for transcribing audio. It's pretty awesome, but the integration with deepgram results in a lot of incomplete sentences when I use the documentation I found to determine whether a snippet is "complete" or not:

if (e.fromId === 'transcription' && {

Below is an example of a transcription from an audio recording about Michel Foucault:

content: 'Michel Fu was a French twentieth century philosopher and his historian.'
content: 'Who spent his career for forensic criticizing the power of the modern board'
content: 'our capitalist state, including its beliefs, law courts, prison doctors,'
content: 'psychiatrists. His goal was to work out nothing less than how'
content: 'power work and then to change it in the direction'
content: 'of a Marxist an utopia. Though he spent most of his life in libraries reasons'
content: 'seminar rooms. He was a committed revolutionary figure.'
content: 'He met with enormous popularity in a lead to Parisian intellectual circles.'
content: 'Jean paul Sa admired him deeply, and he still maintains a wide following'
content: 'among young people studying at university in the prosperous corners of the world.'
content: 'His background, which he was extremely reluctant ever talk about and tried to prevent'
content: 'journalists from investigating at all costs was very privileged.'
content: 'Both his parents were inordinate rich',
content: 'coming from a long line of successful surgeons in Port in West'
content: 'for France. His father dr Paul',
content: 'came to represent all the Michel would hate about Bourgeois France.'

So two questions, really:

  1. Is there an updated documentation for this integration effort? Or is there any known knobs I can turn other than to try to get more "complete" sentences here?
  2. Deepgram has a new model called nova2 in the works - is it on daily's roadmap to integrate with that? Is there an ETA?




  • kwindla
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    I believe you can use nova-2 by passing model and tier to startTranscription().

        "model": "2-ea",
        "tier": "nova",

    But I'll ask my colleague Corey to weigh in to confirm that.

    Regarding the best options for complete phrase endpointing, we're working with Deepgram to give you more control here.

  • zarally
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    Thanks - that sounds great. I can also batch phrases up on my side a bit more before sending them on. I will try adding model & tier to see if that makes a difference. Any idea on how to confirm deepgram is using that model or not in my return?

    Appreciate the feedback!

  • rajneesh
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    you can listen for `transcription-started` event, this event return the `model` used for transcription.

  • Hi, i have the same desire to transcribe longer sentences or complete sentences instead of snippets.

    I read Deepgram docs, and we should use endpointing and interim results for this.

    I did try to pass endpointing=500 (default is 10 milliseconds) as per Deepgram docs and interin_results=true.

    model: "2-ea",
    tier: "nova",
    endpointing: "500", interim_results: "true",

    However, the post request in Deepgram logs remains endpointing=false and no interim_result=true included in the post request.

    POST /v1/listen?punctuate=true&endpointing=false&language=en&model=2-ea&tier=nova&profanity_filter=false&times=false

    Can Daily add more configurations as per Deepgram API docs to the startTranscription() configurations, please?

  • kcimc
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    edited November 4

    I requested that the endpointing and interim_results parameters be added to the Python SDK, on GitHub:

    I can also confirm that "2-ea"/"nova" works for me.

  • +1 for this - endpointing would be super helpful - I echoed this request in the daily-react repo:

  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Dailynista admin

    Thanks @kcimc and @zarally. We are planning to expand the parameter support in all of our SDKs to includes these two items plus others.

  • Thanks @mark_at_daily - any ETA on that? Sorry to be a pest, theendpointing param would be a big help to me.

  • +1 for this and would love to know when this will be updated on daily-js since it looks like from the daiily-python repo, someone mentioned it will be coming in a few weeks:

  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Dailynista admin

    Hi all, apologies for the delay. We've been working on this and are targeting a release by the end of the week (Dec 1st).