Showing message to participants who got poor internet connection.

We recently have complaints from users that the quality of the video call was very poor in the middle of the call.

Is there any ways to monitor the receive bit rate of the participant and show the message once the bit rate is below specific number?


  • Lazer
    Lazer Dailynista

    Hello! Our connection test methods should help here:

    I actually have a blog post coming out about using these shortly. In the meantime, you can check out my small sample app for a basic example of usage:

    (All the primary logic of running the tests can be found on this line.)

    The above example shows usage of these methods in a pre-call setting, but you could use them all in the middle of a call as well.

  • @Lazer

    Thanks for quick reply!

    We actually want to monitor the connection during the video call. When our user had a problem playing video, user had good connection at the beginning and bad connection in the middle of the call. We are thinking of implementing feature like "Your Internet Connection is Unstable" popup in zoom.

    getNetworkStats()seems to be the better option in this case.

    Could you explain more on the following points?

    ・When we want to monitor the participant's connection quality, should we run getNetworkStats (or testConnectionQuality()) every n seconds? If so, what is the recommended interval for running the method?

    ・Does running "getNetworkStats()" affect the quality of the ongoing call? If so, how much affect should we expect? We do not want to sacrifice good quality video and audio connection for checking if the connection is good.