Webhooks Support

Hi there, we are currently using your service on production, and so far, it's been great. However, we can't help but notice you have little supports for webhooks at the moment (Webhooks are only being dispatched when participants join or leave a call).

We intend to use your recording feature, and rather than engineering a process that simulates a webhook flow from your service, we think it would be nice if you could dispatch webhook events to us on "recording-stopped" or "recording-started".

Nonetheless, if an implementation or documentation already exist for this, I'd appreciate it if you could point us in that direction.



  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Hi @Coachli!

    We feel you! Webhooks are a priority and we are working on expanding our offering to include recording webhooks. As soon as they're available we'll announce it in our changelog.

    In the meantime, are there any other webhooks that would be useful to your team? Let us know and I'll pass that feedback over to the Daily Product folks.

  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
    edited September 20

    😀 Hey hey! I have an update for you @Coachli:

    The recording webhooks are ready for testing, and we've enabled your team's domain!

    We currently provide two webhook events, recording.started and recording.ready-to-download.

    Here's a link to the documentation: https://docs.daily.co/private/reference/rest-api/webhooks

    The Daily Engineering team is excited to have developers start testing. Please share your feedback and questions in the comments, and we'll follow up with you.

    Over time, we plan to release even more webhooks; so thanks again for asking about this!