🪄 New enhancements to HLS livestreaming!

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin

This week we’re announcing further enhancements to Daily’s HTTP Live Streaming capabilities, including fully customizable, multi-layer HLS live streaming at 1080p. With these improvements, developers gain more versatility in the composition and distribution of streamed live content.

We're also excited about how HLS expands our end-to-end video tooling. Developers building on Daily can create great experiences spanning real-time interaction to streamed content with the highest production values. 

If you're a developer building live streaming of experiences into your app, the latest HLS enhancements include:  

  • Adjustable multi-layer 1080p output
  • Stream directly to an Amazon S3 bucket, distribute with your CDN of choice
  • Retain HLS manifests for on-demand viewing
  • Target multiple destinations with just one line of code
  • Preview ‘trick play’ streams
  • UI synchronization on playback with absolute timestamps

Read the full blog post:

Do you have questions about Daily HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)? Post them in the comments and we'll follow up with you :)