[Weekly Update] Enhancing the video call UX

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited September 2023 in Announcements

Hi Developers!

πŸ”Ž This week, let's look at ways to enhance the UX within your video call UI!

🎨 First up is VCS! With Daily's Video Component System, you can build animated graphics, custom layouts, and event-driven components into live streams and recorded content.

πŸ“œ Next is a pre-call feature that your end users will thank you for implementing: A list of people who are on the call that users can view before joining.

πŸ“Œ Now for a feature that is useful while users are in the call: Sticky positioning!

✌️ Finally, a guide on building a Leave button that makes ending video calls easy and intuitive.

What other ways would you like to enhance the video call UX for your end users? Share in the comments below!

I'll see you in the forum!