Audio/video play is not consistent.

Today, we had an event with more than 100 participants and more than 20 experienced troubles playing videos and audio.

Can you please take at the session log and see why this was the case?


I have previously asked the similar question and had daily team look at the issue, but these issue was not apparent upon the investigation.




  • Following up on this post, we tested several scenario and found out that video and audio was not played when we joined the call with video off. Once we turn on the video, the video and audio was played successfully.

  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Is this on the web, or in a mobile app?

    If this is inside a web browser, it sounds like maybe either the browser is blocking audio autoplay, or the HTML media elements aren't being set up correctly.

    If you want to provide some sample code, maybe we can help debug.

  • @kwindla

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    It is the web.

    We took a look at the console log and found that after join function is called, "Load failed" message was repeatedly printed and after that we get an error saying "DOMException" (I attached the screenshots on this post)

    However, the error goes away when we join the video with video on (meaning we run toggleLocalVideo(videoAutoPlay) in the script below).

    I also attached the sample code in the zip file. Please note that we use no-code environment Bubble and load an html file to run the script on it (so the error I described above might come from bubble, but we did have many participants without experience the issues described above when joining video on or joining with laptops).

  • ↑following up the code I shared, it is not in the code, but we have another program to run "entering_func" function when the user press a button shown on the screen.