@daily-co/daily-react 0.11.6 useParticipantIds issue


i updated from 0.10.0 to 0.11.6 and I am experiencing strange behaviour of the useParticipantIds hook.

When a participant leaves a call, the hook is not called anymore. So the view is not rerendered. This does not happen in the newest repository of custom-react-app, but in my repository from 11.2022, this is a breaking change. So I cannot update anymore.

const remoteParticipantIds = useParticipantIds({ filter: 'remote' });

useEffect(() => console.log({ remoteParticipantIds }), [remoteParticipantIds]);



  • christian
    christian Dailynista

    Hey @Daniel808,

    Thanks for the report! This seems unexpected, but I have a few follow-up questions for clarification:

    • When you mention "the hook is not called anymore": do you mean, when the remote participant leaves, the hook doesn't re-render and keeps returning the id of the remote participant?
    • Does the remote participant leave the call using the .leave() method on the callObject or do they just close the tab/window?
    • I assume it doesn't fix itself over time, e.g. when the local participant toggles their cam or mic.

    Also, can you reproduce this behavior in an isolated environment, like a codesandbox?