How could I get VCS WebFrame to work (paginate) with keyPress.keyName

I have a multi-page VCS WebFrame. I assigned ArrowRight to keyPress.keyName. It does not paginate when I press the right arrow.


  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    What application is running in the WebFrame? Have you tested that it changes pages in response to the right arrow key?

    Feel free to paste in your updateRecordingcode and we will try to help more.

  • Thank you, @kwindla for your response. I am running a live streaming application. I've tried the right arrow key without success. The last time I tried on the Simulator, webFrame was only partially implemented ( although I was told it would start working in VCS v1.0 - waiting for that update).

    Sample updateLiveStreaming webFrame params (updates correctly but could not paginate):

    showWebFrameOverlay: true
    videoSettings.margin.top_gu: 0
    webFrame.height_gu: 32
    webFrame.keyPress.key: 1
    webFrame.keyPress.keyName: "ArrowRight"
    webFrame.margin_gu: 1.5
    webFrame.url: ""
    webFrame.viewportHeight_px: 960
    webFrame.viewportWidth_px: 1280