[Weekly Update] What to listen to this week

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited August 2023 in Tech Updates

Hello developers!

I was just updating our /resources page on the redesigned daily.co site and was reminded of how many interesting conversations I've listened to members of our community take part in on podcasts.

While the focus is tech, the range of topics covered varies. So for this weekly update, I've created a list of episodes organized by topic for easy reference.


Touch Point Podcast: AI in Telemedicine and diagnosing the future


API Intersection Podcast: Daily’s CPTO Varun Singh on the APIs supporting a new wave of video experiences


The Engineering Leadership Podcast on the surprising power of remote work: higher trust teams

Tech Lead Journal Podcast: Sarah on leading remote engineers (as a non-engineer)

Hanselminutes Podcast: Daily’s VPE Sarah Milstein cracks the code on leading remote engineers (as a non-engineer)


Jamstack Radio Podcast: Brian Douglas of Github interviews Daily engineers Christian and James


Rustacean Station Podcast: A journey to Daily’s core with Daily CEO Kwindla Kramer and Staff Engineer João Neves

Web Protocol

Software Engineering Radio: Varun Singh on the 30-year evolution of web protocols


The Digital Workspace Works Podcast: Kwindla on shaping the future of real-time video

Code Story Podcast: Kwindla Kramer on Daily’s origin story

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast: Daily’s CEO discusses the evolution of Daily and the road ahead

What tech-related podcasts have you been listening to lately? Share in the comments!

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