[Weekly Update] Three things to check out this week on peerConnection

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
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Hi Developers!

Welcome to another week on peerConnection.  I hope your projects are going well!

This week, I have three things to tell you about:

1️⃣ Daily has a new logo and website! To celebrate, I’ve updated the color theme and logo here on the forum.  I’m still fine-tuning the look, but am excited to roll into fall with a fresh aesthetic.

2️⃣ Adaptive HEVC is here and ready for you to try out.  This feature delivers unparalleled video quality on a wider range of real-work networks while consuming less bandwidth and power.  You can read more about HEVC here.

3️⃣ Check out this API tutorial on how to simplify outbound bandwidth and simulcast configuration. If you’re already using camSimulcastEncodings and setBandwidth() in your Daily implementation, you should try out the new send settings approach!  Let us know how it goes here in the comments.

Have a great week!

I’ll see you in the forum.



  • The revamped website is really beautiful to say the least. I could see some big names being listed as customers of Daily. It's refreshing to see. Congrats, Daily.


  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Thanks @jekwempu ! We're glad that you're digging the new site.