Video Component System (VCS) - My Test results

We have been following developments in VCS and have read the well written and insightful blogs by Pauli Olavi Ojala.

We decided to incorporate VCS (baseline) in our development and here are our findings:

We started off with the VCS Simulator. Most of the functionality built in so far worked as expected except WebFrame.
We were able to display Text, Image overlay, Toast, Opening State and Title slate.
WebFrame did not work for us as expected.

Some minor observations:

  • Toast attribute of color is actually the background color. Some components, where background color is set, use bgcolor as attribute.
  • There seems to be no attributes to control the height of a Toast component. Toast when rendered in a React application seems to have top and bottom paddings that look excessive. Toast looks good in the simulator.
  • Assets input text field is disabled. Maybe, you have to upload an image to Daily server first to use it!
  • Camera light is always on, despite the fact that Stop was toggled on the simulator.

Integration with our React application:

Text, Image overlay, Toast, Opening State and Title slate worked as expected when you incorporate them when starting a live stream. WebFrame did not work.

Calling callObject.updateLiveStreaming({}) did not work for any of the VCS components.

Any suggestions on how to get WebFrame (in all cases) and updateLiveStreaming to work would be appreciated.

Overall, VCS performed great for a beta product. Kudos to the VCS team in Daily. VCS is turning out to be a great product that would add spice to any live video session.