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We encountered a situation where daily prebuilt works almost fine, but ended up using custom callObject. Here are some features we wish daily prebuilt had. To give you a context, our application is for online live classes with >100 students participating at the same time.

We know you have priorities for feature development but thought it wouldn't harm if we share our thoughts.

・Spotlighting specific participant (like zoom spotlight feature): We want teacher to spotlight him/herself and one or few students and let all the participants look at them at the same time.

・Default muting all the non-owner participants: Currently daily prebuilt allows 8 participants to freely unmute but we want all to be default muted and let a participant unmute only when the owner allows (which can be implemented with app-message).

・Showing only participants with video-on on gallery view: It is visually more exciting to see many faces on the screen!

We explained why we wanted to have the features above and believe that it can be applicable for other use cases. I hope this helps you build new features :)



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  • Tamara
    Tamara Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Thank you for your feedback, Tomo! This is greatly appreciated. I will share this with the prebuilt team and will be sure to check back in with you if we have any updates on these requested features.