(unknown) Meeting ended in error: room lookup timed out

Hello. I am just working an issue one of our users has on daily prebuilt. We are running on vuejs but this also happens even when they directly connect to the room.

We have confirmed the issue is isolated to a particular internet connection as it does not occur when they connect via phone hotspot.

The connection is a little unusual as they are using a wifi router that connects to the internet via 4G LTE sim card. The router is a tp-link AX5400.

The connection appears to be nominally good enough for streaming video as we were troubleshooting over Teams video. I am wondering if there is any firewall config or other setting we need to adjust.


  • Tamara
    Tamara Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Hi @bentlegen thanks for sharing this case with us.

    I am not sure we've seen quite such an issue before, or anything similar. But it sounds like (and from what you've also deduced) like the router is somehow set up to handle connections in such a way that it's creating connection issues. We do have some firewall/similar configuration options and information here, but that's usually only needed for users connecting from a Firewall or VPN. Perhaps this could still be useful for this particular case, as well.

    If issues remain, there are a few next bits of information we can take a look at here to further debug:
    - have the user take our network tester here, this will show us if there's any connection issues detected, as well as their IP address (which can be useful to know)
    - have them open their network console when trying to connect, and see if any connection errors show up there that you can share with us or have a look at yourself to gather more information on why this connection is hitting a time out.