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Let's go over some questions that you may have about this community...

Who is this community for?

This community is for developers who are interested in building applications that use video. As community organizers, we particularly wanted to create a place to talk about WebRTC and live video technologies. Having said that: your interest is what's important; there are no expectations related to your developer skillset.

How is this community related to daily.co?

This space is provided by Daily. You can identify the community members who work at Daily by clicking on their profile image. If they work at Daily, you will see a white badge with the Daily camera icon.

You don't need to use Daily to join this forum. Our goal is to support all developers in learning how video can be used to create engaging experiences on the web because we love the technology. You won't receive marketing content from Daily unless you opt-in to receive it. If you are receiving marketing content from Daily and want to be removed from the marketing list. You can send me a message and I will remove you.

How will this community handle discussions about specific WebRTC providers other than Daily?

We welcome developer discussions about creating video experiences on the web, even if that discussion does not involve Daily. With that said, we believe that other WebRTC providers should hear from their users when they have brand-specific questions and feedback.  If you have a question or feedback related to another WebRTC provider, please contact them via their website. That way, you'll get an official answer, and the provider will get your feedback directly.

Where can I provide feedback about this community?

If you have feedback, suggestions or questions about this community site, please post in the Feedback forum category. Don't be shy - we want to hear from you! If you prefer to not share publicly, you can send me a message. As the community manager I'll do my best to follow up with you.

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