[Compliance Update] Daily & 2023 EU-US Data Privacy Framework

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited July 2023 in Tech Updates

The EU-US Data Privacy Framework (DPF) Program is an agreement between the European Union and the United States regarding how personal data is handled and protected when it's transferred between the two regions.

Under this program, companies that want to transfer personal data from the EU to the US need to follow specific rules and meet certain standards to safeguard that data. Here's what Daily is doing to comply:
  • We’re participating in both the EU-US and Swiss-US Data Privacy Framework, which permits data transfers from those territories to the US. We will update our privacy policy by October 10th, 2023 to reflect these changes. This is the deadline provided by those programs.
  • The UK is treated separately. There will be a “UK Bridge” to allow UK-to-US data transfers. Our plan is to opt into this program once the UK finalizes and approves the regulations. You can review Daily's compliance page, which includes the UK extension here.

If you have general questions about our participation in the Privacy Framework, let us know!