[Weekly Update] Build a one-of-a-kind video application

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited July 2023 in Announcements

Hello there!

Welcome to this week's update for peerConnection, Daily's developer forum dedicated to engineers interested in building with live video and WebRTC. This week, let's check out the latest tools available for building one-of-a-kind video interfaces and applications:

Customize your video interface and recording preferences with VCS

  • VCS is Daily's cloud-native toolkit for implementing custom layouts and dynamic elements. Try it here.

Add extra powers to your video platform with custom sessions data

  • The new custom session data feature lets you add extra powers to your video application such as state-powered UI/layout changes, engagement features such as polls or Q&A, and “bring to stage” functionality. Learn more here.

Build a unique video experience for mobile with Daily's Android and iOS SDKs

🙋 How would you like to customize the video features in your application? Share your wishlist and questions in the comments. 🦄 The community is here to support you and provide valuable tips to kickstart your journey.

Stay connected and keep building amazing video applications with peerConnection!

I'll see you in the forum 😀