Access to room as owner

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the community!
From the dashboard I created a public room for an online event that I organize tomorrow.
I set the option Owner only broadcast=True , how do I access the room as owner?
Do I have to have the token?


  • christian
    christian Dailynista

    Hey @Anyverse,

    Welcome to the community! 🎉

    Yes, you'll need to create a meeting token for the owner, e.g. by posting to the /meeting-tokens API endpoint. The documentation is here:

    Make sure to include the room_name property and match it to the room the owner will join, and set the is_owner property to true.

    The returned token (something like eyABC…) then needs to be added as a token parameter to the call instance.

    Let us know in case there are any more questions!