provide API to get a callObject

I am new to cypress and working on end to end testing of video class. it is difficult to test whether messages receiving or what to do after messages received, because it is difficult to figure it out how to send messages with callObject.sendMessage(). Since cypress doesn't support multiple windows, there is no way to send message from owner to participant and test. if we get a callObject through an API then it would be easy to handle classes and assert them while testing.

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  • Tamara
    Tamara Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Thanks for sharing this along with your use-case @svm_agilis. I will share your post with the team to see if we can currently help you with a workaround for this, but in any case I will note down your feature request as it stands to take into consideration for future improvements.

  • jameshush
    jameshush Dailynista

    I'd recommend taking a look at Playwright ( instead of Cypress for this use case. Playwright allows you to open up multiple tabs/windows more easily, a key feature for testing video call experiences. We just moved a large chunk of tests internally to Playwright for that reason :)