useDaily() hook seems to create a new callObject


using the daily react hooks repo, the useDaily() hook seems to not provide the existing callObject, but to create a new one.

This errors in the console.

How to recreate behaviour:

  • checkout latest repo
  • update to:

"@daily-co/daily-js": "^0.44.1",

"@daily-co/daily-react": "^0.7.3"

  • use the useDaily() hook in the Call.js Component



  • christian
    christian Dailynista


    useDaily returns the callObject instance that was either originally passed to the DailyProvider or that was created from the DailyProvider. This depends on the props that were originally passed to the provider.

    What is the error you are seeing in the console? In case it's a message mentioning duplicate call objects, we're already aware of that issue and working on a permanent solution.