Would it be possible to create Remote Control functionality?

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Daily.co seems to check almost every checkbox for my use case, but would it also be possible to let users grant other users in the video call access to remote control their browser/device?


  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Hi! You can implement limited remote control in a web app running in a web browser, or more complete remote control using a native app or an Electron app.

    From within a web browser, you can't actually control the computer's mouse and keyboard. But if you only need to implement remote control of your own web app, you can fake this remote control by sending events that change the state of your web app. This kind of remote control is limited to just controlling your own app, though, and also requires that you design your app to support it.

    If you need full remote control of the computer, you can take over the mouse and keyboard (with the user's permission) using a non-browser-based application. If you're using daily-js, you can build an Electron app that wraps your web/daily-js app and also allows for remote mouse and keyboard control. It's probably easiest to use a library for this. I've heard from a few Daily users that robotjs is a good foundation for both desktop remote control and automation and works on multiple platforms: