users thrown out of the class and can see followinf errors?

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Hi, there was a class of 2 users and they were thrown out of the class suddenly. I could see these following errors occured on one participant side. may I know what do these errors mean?

wss is stale, need to reconnect

room lookup failed. trying previous endpoint

error handling sdp offer

here is the sessionId of that class f615624f-efe8-4644-86ed-d64795ea394b

I can see also these logs

iceConnectionState change: disconnected

renegotiating disconnected/failed connection

connectionState failed

renegotiate with peer

trying ice restart

sending sdp offer

leaving session

I would like to know, what had happened during the classs.


  • Tamara
    Tamara Moderator, Dailynista admin

    We're sorry to hear that this happened!

    The first three connection errors and the issues with connection you see further in the logs, indicate that this user wasn’t able to maintain a steady websocket connection to our servers. These errors can happen and can be transient. Most of the time they’re resolved within a second or less.

    But longer periods of disconnection, or in this case total disconnection, usually indicate that a strict firewall, a VPN, or something other is happening with their internet that is causing it to disconnect. In that case we would suggest, if possible, to try another network, or have their network admin look at these options to allow for more steady connections to Daily on this network:

    You can also share this link with the users to check up on their network and see if they are indeed experiencing issues related to this:

    Next to the errors we discussed so far, I also see some other indications that Nicolai was having issues on their network in that same call that would correspond with connection issues:

    cam-video-videoQualityLimReason=bandwidth and some higher spikes in packet loss both indicate again that the network used was either congested or limited in some way.

    More information about these logs can be found here:

    And here is an overview of some tips to share with your end-users in order to improve the quality of their network (unless they are indeed on a firewall restricted or VPN connection, in that case the link I shared earlier is the best way to improve network quality).

    Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions for us about this case or otherwise!