I have some logs which I need help understanding ...

Line 67 & line 71, I think they are related, but wanted to know what does it mean in terms of end user, what I have received from end user is they were not able to hear this particular customer.

What might have caused line 67 & 71 & how we may prevent it?


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  • Tamara
    Tamara Moderator, Dailynista admin
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    Hi there, happy to help you with some insights into these log lines.

    This user not being able to hear this particular user, is mostly explained by line 71. Local Audio Track Ended usually indicates an unexpected disconnection from the audio device, e.g. Bluetooth device turning off suddenly or actually disconnecting a wired device. That could explain why it was not possible to hear this user in this particular case. You should be able to see in the beginning of the logs if they were using an audio device for input/output, and what that device was.

    To remedy this we recommend trying another audio device or restarting the computer. There could be more context on audio in the logs below this or elsewhere, too, if you wish to deep dive further into this.

    Line 67 can indicate that this user was having network issues as well, as this states that the server time was 504 ms off from the client time. Usually this means it took more time than expected for the data to arrive at the SFU. Either because the client was overloaded (bandwidth restricted), or because of VPN / firewall or proxy issues, or something in between the client and our servers prevented the data from arriving on time. 

    For more information on these logs and other things you. may find there, we have a guide here: https://docs.daily.co/guides/architecture-and-monitoring/logging-and-metrics

    Or feel free to ask us more here, or through [email protected].