How to stop participants from staying in a meeting after it's over?

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How do I prevent participants from staying in a meeting after everyone else has left?


  • You can set the room parameters to limit how long a participant can stay in a room.

    • For example, If a participant has a session coming up from 2 to 2:30pm, when you create a room for that appointment, you can set an expiration of 2:30pm (or a few minutes after just to add a little padding).
    • Pair this with eject_at_room_exp : true and that will ensure that participants can't overstay in the room past the expiration time that you decided (even if someone accidentally leaves the tab with the session open, or closes their laptop without leaving the session).
    • When a room reaches its expiration time, any participants in that room will be kicked out.This also makes it easier to get rid of rooms that you are no longer using.
  • You can also use meeting tokens

    The main reason to use meeting tokens instead of room parameters is if you want to tailor the call experience to be different for different participants in the call.

    • For example, you can assign a token to a participant that only allows them to be in the call for 20 minutes, versus someone else who is allowed to stay in the call for 30.
    • This is especially useful when you want to reuse rooms that you have already created. In that case you can use tokens with an an exp parameter and eject_at_token_exp set to true.