How to make video feed fit to the screen

I would like to build a call where two users can make a video call each other. Here the user1 will be from desktop and user2 will be from mobile. from mobile's camera, when mobile is in portrait mode I am getting a verticalVideo(aspect ratio= 9/16), so when I display this video on desktop, it doesn't fit to the screen, and if I try to make this video fit to the screen, the video is cropped a lot. is there a way I can get the horizontalVideo(aspect ratio= 16/9) from mobile camera place it in desktop so that it fits to the desktop screen with out much crop. and verticalVideo(aspect ratio= 9/16) from desktop and put this on mobile screen and fit to the screen with out crop.

all I conclude,

  1. mobile camera by default gives VerticalVideo with aspect ratio 9:16. but I would like to get HorizontalVideo with aspect ratio 16:9 from mobile camera.
  2. Desktop camera by default gives HorizontalVideo with aspect ratio 16:9. but I would like to get VerticalVideo with aspect ratio 9:16 from Desktop camera.


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    Hi @svm_agilis!

    Cameras only send either HorizontalVideo or VerticalVideo, depending on how they record the video. This is because the sensor in most cameras are rectangles.

    So to make it fit you will either have to crop the video to cover the entire area you have, or make it fit the area but accept that you will have some white space.

    Let me know if you have other questions, or if I misunderstood your question.