Breakout Rooms for Prebuilt

A breakout rooms function for the prebuilt UI

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  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Dailynista admin

    Hey @reeceatkinson. Thanks for the request! I have good news for you. We're working on this functionality now and are nearly finished. We'll be launching this functionality around mid November. As you start using it, we'd love to hear what you think.

  • Hey, @mark_at_daily any idea when this is dropping?

  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Dailynista admin

    @reeceatkinson We're wrapping up the first version now and will make it available on a limited basis as a pre-beta. A few weeks later, we'll announce a public beta.

  • Hey @mark_at_daily is there any update on this yet?

  • mark_at_daily
    mark_at_daily Dailynista admin

    The breakout room feature is in “pre-beta”, and it’s available for you to try out. Depending on what you need out of the feature in production, it might not be ready for you, but by the end of January/early February, we will have matured the feature to a full beta.

    You can test it out by setting enable_breakout_rooms as a room property. An owner must be present in a meeting to initiate and configure a breakout. They can set users to owners via a meeting token (setting the is_owner property to true).The biggest feature that’s missing that we’ll be adding in January is recording. Other than that, we have a few bug fixes to make.

    Let me know what you think!