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hey, im using dailyapi and trying to make it so the app only can hear the audio of others on the chat, so no mic needed. is there a way to enable audio, but not ask for mic permissions?

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  • kwindla
    kwindla Dailynista
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    Yes, definitely. If you configure the client to Daily client start with audio and video turned off, the user won't be asked for device permissions.

    The most common way to do that is to create your all your rooms with the start_audio_off and start_video_off set to true. Here's that section of the REST API docs. After a client joins, they can turn on their mic (unmute) if they're going to be talking. The browser will prompt for device permission when they unmute.

    You can also configure start_audio_off and start_video_off in a meeting token, if you really want to customize the join state for each client separately.

    Finally, it's worth noting that browsers won't play audio unless there is a "user gesture" before the play() is called on an audio tag. So your join flow needs to include the user clicking on something in your UX as part of joining the session.

    We have a guide with a bunch of information about implementing audio-only apps. Let us know any more questions you have!