set micAudioMode only to specific user

svm_agilis Member
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is there a way I can setmicAudioMode only to owner or specific user of the room ?



  • mattieruth

    yes and no. Since micAudioMode` applies to the outgoing tracks and applied client-side, you can chose at join time whether or not you apply it based on the user. That said, we don't really support changing that setting once joined so you need to know if the user should have those settings before join which I'm betting may be tricky? I'm not sure your use case. For owners, you could use preAuth() to check if the person is owner before joining and setting that flag. To do this, after you preAuth() you simply check participants().local.owner. Hope this helps!

  • svm_agilis


    I have set micAudioMode while creating callObject and it worked. but when I set micAudioMode while joining only for owner as in the below code it did not work. can you please let me know is there any wrong in the below code

    await callObject.join({

    dailyConfig: {

    micAudioMode: 'music',