Stop Infinite Loop on Screen Share

reeceatkinson Member
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I feel like this is impossible but I thought I would ask just in case :-)...

When people share their screen it looks horrific (not the biggest deal either) but I wondered if it could show a blank screen to the viewers whilst on the page with daily installed.


  • Dailynista_Jeff

    Hey Reece. We are aware of the infinite loop when you try to share your screen, and agree that it is not ideal. It is something that is on our radar. In the meantime, if this is affecting your users, you can recommend them the ability to share a specific tab, or share a different screen, while using Chrome (or on Firefox you can share a window instead of your entire screen). Those options do not cause the infinite screen loop, and are available now, so that might be something to suggest in the short-term for your users. With that said, I agree that it can be better, and I am going to flag this to our product team.

    This is very valuable. We appreciate you sharing what your endusers are saying, with us!

  • akhil
    akhil Community Manager, Moderator, Dailynista admin

    In addition to what Jeff mentioned - we're actively monitoring browser improvements here, specifically the Capture Handle proposal (which is still a working draft): which solves this exact problem and brings a lot more exciting screen sharing functionality to the browsers!

  • reeceatkinson

    @akhil that’s great! Thank you :-)