Forum Post Formatting Options

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited September 2022 in Announcements

peerConnection offers a rich text editor that allows you to format your forum posts in the following ways:

Text formatting

Upon selecting text, several options appear allowing you to apply the following formatting: bolditalicstrikethroughcodeblock, and hyperlink.

✔️ TIP: With text selected, you can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • ctrl+b or ⌘+b for bold.
  • ctrl+i or ⌘+i for italic.
  • ctrl+k or ⌘+k for link.

Paragraph formatting

Click into a paragraph to display a paragraph-level formatting menu to the left, as shown below.

The options in each category are as follows: 

Special formatting example

While spoiler text is always visible while editing the post, it will automatically be collapsed when published until a user manually clicks to view it. This ensures each user can decide whether or not to view the content in question.


Here are a few tips when working with lists:

  • Type "-" and press space to begin a bulleted list.
  • Press enter/return to drop down to the next bullet.
  • Press enter/return twice to end the bulleted list.
  1. Type "1." and press space to begin a numbered list.
  2. Press enter/return to drop down to the next number.
  3. Press enter/return twice to end the numbered list.

Markdown macros

Rich Editor supports the following markdown-based macros:

Insert images

There are two ways to insert images into a post:

  • Users with permission to upload images can do so via the Upload Image icon highlighted below.
  • You can also drag and drop images into the editor.

Image-management options

Select an image to enable the following management options (discussed from left to right):

  • Float - You can float the image left, center, or right.
  • Size - Three generic sizing options are available: small, medium, and large.
  • Alt text - Click this icon to display the Alt Text dialog where you can update an image's alt text to help with accessibility and improve SEO.
  • Delete - Click the trashcan icon to remove the image. Note that no confirmation is provided, and the action is immediate.


Mentions are a quick and easy way to notify other users about certain comments and discussions that may interest them.

Depending on the mentioned user’s notification settings, they’ll either:

  • see a pop-up directly in the community
  • or receive an email telling them that they’ve been mentioned with a link to the content.

To mention someone, simply type “@” and then start typing the user’s name. As you type, a list of suggested users will display; continue typing to narrow down this list.

  • Mentions are sorted with case sensitivity, and accents are included to allow for more precise matching. All characters except for "@" are supported.