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Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
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This is your place to talk with other developers, about building with WebRTC and live video.

➡️ Before getting started, please read over the following posts:

➡️ Then, it's time to introduce yourself - if you like! In the comments below, let us know:

  1. What topics, related to building with video, that you’d like to learn more about?
  2. What's your favorite food and have you ever sneakily snacked on it during an online meeting?
  3. Optional - What region of the world you are joining us from?



  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Okay, I'll go first...

    Hi! I'm Tasha

    I'd like to learn more about how developers are using live video in new and unexpected ways.

    My favorite food is ice cream - any flavor. I haven't attempted to eat ice cream during an online meeting, but I may try some day during morning standup... just to see if anyone says anything.

    I'm in the US - Pacific NW

  • Hi y'all!

    I'm James. I'm working at Daily as a Solutions Engineer. I get to help people do cool stuff with video every day. I've worked on large-scale video streaming projects at places like the NFL and Remo, so I know the feeling when everything goes well (and the feeling when it doesn't)!

    I'm based in Taipei, so it goes without saying my favorite food is Bubble Tea 🧋. Unfortunately, that's probably the hardest food to snack on sneakily!

  • nienke
    nienke Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Hi everyone! 👋 I'm Nienke, I work at Daily as frontend engineer on Prebuilt.

    I'd love to learn more about streaming. It's an area I haven't explored much!

    I'm based in Amsterdam, so I feel obliged to say my favorite food is stroopwafels 😎

  • SarahM
    SarahM Dailynista

    👋 Hi, I'm Sarah -- VP of Engineering at Daily, joining from New York. I'm mostly interested in learning what everyone else wants to learn about.

    My favorite food is salt. I have definitely eaten it, in many forms, during video calls.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm Reece, I am building https://upmeet.me with the Prebuilt UI!

    Excited to get to know you all!

  • vr000m
    vr000m Dailynista

    Hi everyone! 👋 I'm Varun, I've worked with real-time communications for the past 15 years. Happy to help y'all with all things WebRTC!

  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Welcome @reeceatkinson , thanks for joining !!!

  • nina
    nina Community Manager, Moderator, Dailynista admin

    🤗 Hello! I'm Nina, Daily cofounder. Always interested in WebRTC learning. Also call quality, of course. Snacking on chips and salsa, in San Francisco 🌶

  • karl
    karl Member, Daily Alumni

    Hey everyone! I'm Karl, part of the DevRel team at Daily. I've also been writing a book on WebRTC for Pragmatic Programmers.

    I'm usually in Chicago, so I have strong and wholly inflexible opinions about hotdog toppings 🌭

  • Lazer
    Lazer Dailynista
    edited September 2022

    Hello! I'm Liza, engineer (who writes!) This is my first time working outside of game development in almost 15 years and it's been an exciting ride :D Before joining DevRel at Daily I worked on a bit of everything - build, autotesting, tools, engine/core tech, backend, auth... I do not like em dashes.

    In terms of learning about video, I am very interested in learning all the nitty gritty details about the WebRTC spec and our implementation, so I dig around in our core repo at every opportunity.

    I've lived all over the place, but am currently based in Sweden (Göteborg for now, which I am in love with.) I think my favorite food is coffee...