inbound-rtp framesPerSecond stat change

kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin
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I really love tracking small changes like this that improve the WebRTC platform.

Philipp Hancke has a years-long track record of these kinds of patches. Plus, of course, terrific tutorials and explainer docs, as well.


  • rory
    rory Member, Daily Alumni
    edited July 2022

    just a one variable change! kudos to the person who was reading through the codebase and went "hey, wait, shouldn't this be frames_decoded?"!

  • chad
    chad Community Manager, Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Speaking of this, what are your favorite places to keep up-to-date on webrtc changes? Maybe a bit higher-level than single-variable source code changes :)

  • vr000m
    vr000m Dailynista

    I try to go to the W3C meetings and read the meeting notes/presos after each interim meeting (roughly once a month).

  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    A few places on the Intertubes and people to follow that I personally find useful ...