Question 2

Live sessions pop up and you can see the session ID but have to click on it to see the name if the person or people that are there. Is there a way to make it so you can see that WITHOUT having to do that. Again, we have a lot of POP UP sessions that happen randomly, sometimes we have our agents waiting in the room and sometimes it is a client that is waiting. Being able to see all of those at a glance would make navigation much easier and quicker, for our company at least, ty!


  • aconchillo
    aconchillo Dailynista

    Hi @dtb3 ! Would the room presence API call be useful? . For each session ID you would make an API request which would return something like:

      "total_count": 1,
      "data": [
          "room": "w2pp2cf4kltgFACPKXmX",
          "id": "d61cd7b2-a273-42b4-89bd-be763fd562c1",
          "userId": "pbZ+ismP7dk=",
          "userName": "Moishe",
          "joinTime": "2023-01-01T20:53:19.000Z",
          "duration": 2312

    without having to enter the session.